How Wedding Insurance

1. Liability Coverage

If a guest of yours is hurt or property is damaged during your wedding, liability insurance can help you cover the cost. This coverage can also protect you from claims made by other vendors who provide their services to your event.

The insurance company Wedsure offers policies that are designed to meet the needs of the modern bride and groom. The main coverage includes cancellation and postponement, wedding video/photo, protection of your bridal gown or tuxedo, loss of deposits, special attire and jewelry, and additional expenses.

Cancellation coverage pays up to the policy limit if you must postpone or cancel your wedding because of an unexpected event that is beyond your control, such as a hurricane or natural disaster. Some insurance providers will reimburse you for nonrefundable lost deposits, as well.

In addition to the usual wedding-related expenses, some policies also offer reimbursement for professional counseling. This can be a lifesaver if the bride or groom gets cold feet and needs to rethink their plans.

2. Venue Coverage

If you’re hosting a wedding in an unusual venue like a park, museum, or private estate, it’s essential to have liability insurance to protect yourself and your guests. Most venues require this coverage, which covers your legal defense if an accident happens that causes you to be sued for damages or injuries.

Liability insurance also includes host liquor liability if you’re serving alcohol at your event and the bartender is injured or injures a guest. It also protects your venue if there is damage to their property during the wedding.

Many couples today are opting for unconventional venues, such as parks, museums, or historic mansions. These venues often require liability insurance for their hosts and WedSafe provides the protection you need with limits up to $1 million.

We also offer wedding cancellation or postponement insurance if there are weather conditions that prevent you and your guests from reaching the venue or if a vendor doesn’t show up. In addition, some policies cover professional counseling to help you get through an emotionally traumatic event.


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