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Children’s Health: 10 Tips for Protecting Your Little Ones from Disease

1-In Case of Emergency

#1. Know the Symptoms and Call a Doctor Right Away 

#2. Create an Emergency Supply Kit to Handle Day-to-Day Threats 

#3. Cleanse the Area Where an Illness Spreads and Disinfect Afterward 

#4. Make Sure You Have Insurance Coverage 

#5. Wipe Down Beds, Toys, and Common Play Areas Regularly 

#6. Keep Pets at Home If Sick to Reduce Infection Risk or Contact Animal Control Authorities to Have Them Removed 

#7. Reduce Stress by Telling the Kids What They Can Do Even Though They Can’t Go Outside

2-Avoid Crowds

1. Avoid large crowds. Studies show that a person with an infectious disease is most likely to spread it to others when he or she is around large groups of people.

2. Stick with your child during illnesses, and don’t let them go out and play at recess while they’re sick.

3. Use protective equipment during illness, including gloves and masks, so you don’t accidentally touch the virus or pass it on to others by touching them or anything they’ve touched before washing your hands thoroughly afterward.

4. If you have more than one child in your care, keep them apart from each other as much as possible, even if they have different symptoms.

5. Wash their toys and belongings frequently if they are infected with a contagious disease such as chickenpox or measles.

6. Teach children how to avoid getting ill in the first place by eating healthy foods and practicing good hygiene habits like hand-washing after using the bathroom and before eating food.

sneezing into elbows instead of sleeves.

staying home when sick.

not touching eyes, nose, mouth, or face without washing hands afterwards.

avoiding kissing (especially in areas where germs collect).

7. Keep their vaccinations up-to-date

8. Get plenty of res

9. Keep stress levels low

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